Soldi: an Everyday Soldering Stationary

IPD Kyung-Ryong Lee, Hayeon Choi, Young-Woo Park
Red Dot Design Award 2019
The Red Dot Design Award is one of the three most influential design awards for which designers and manufacturers around the world compete in three different categories: product design; brands and communication design; and design concept.

Soldi is daily soldering stationery designed for makers who enjoy DIY activities in their daily life.

Soldi consists of three parts: 1) station, 2) wireless soldering pen, and 3) plate. The station and pen can be used independently, and the plate provides a workspace for soldering on any type of desk. Through this, we want to make the soldering experience to be more friendly in everyday lives.

As the maker boom arises, more and more people use a soldering machine in their everyday life. So we tried to move the soldering machine from industrial working spaces to everyday lives by designing it as a stationary type. In order to make a soldering machine that anyone can use easily, we borrowed the form of daily stationery. Soldi’s simple form of station, soldering pen and plate was borrowed from a pencil holder, pen, and paper. Through this, we want to break the wall of soldering and bring it into everyday life such as pen-writing on paper. For that, our design direction was to design Soldi as a desk object that fits well with living furniture at homes.