As we may chat: virtualizing proxemic cues for fluid transitions in virtual meetings by Seongkook Heo

Hybrid: BLDG 104-1005 (TD Room) + Zoom

Seongkook Heo, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia | Online meeting tools allowed people to gather and chat despite the pandemic. However, the user experience of virtual meetings is nowhere near that of in-person meetings. In this talk, I will share my group’s effort to make virtual meetings […]

Into the unknown: Design for a future and people I’ve never seen by Jieun Bae

Online (Zoom)

Jieun Bae, Design Researcher, Kia Design Innovation Group, Hyundai Motor Group | Most of the projects I've worked on started like this: "Think of something new about the future." or "Make something people will like." The world is changing through technology, and so is the way people think. Designing for the unknown in an uncertain […]

Master’s thesis defense by Suyoung Park

Bldg. 104-1005 (TD Room)

Design Department Public Defense – 2022 Spring | Suyoung Park (Master’s thesis defense) | Design and Implementation of Facial eHMI Capable of Expressing Awareness and Intention for a Service Robot   Abstract Many service robots have been developed and moved around indoor areas like airports, shopping malls, and restaurants. People can face robots coming in […]

Master’s thesis defense by Seongbeom Kim

Online (Zoom)

Design Department Public Defense – 2022 Spring | Seongbeom Kim (Master’s thesis defense) | Opportunities and Challenges in Establishing a Living Lab for Mobility Innovation in Rural-Urban Fringe in Korea: a Design Lab’s Experience   Abstract A living lab is a method for open innovation, cooperating with various stakeholders, and testing in a real-life environment. […]

Master’s thesis defense by Seunghoon Lee

Online (Zoom)

Design Department Public Defense – 2022 Spring | Seunghoon Lee (Master’s thesis defense) | Prototyping as a Qualitative Inquiry in Fuzzy Front-End of New Service Development   Abstract Prototyping has been an ever-evolving activity in design with the expansion of the design field –  from physical objects to software, and then towards service, and experience. […]

UX Challenges for AI/ML products

Hybrid: BLDG 104-1005 (TD Room) + Zoom

We already interact daily with instances of AI/ML. Design challenges come with integrating AI/ML solutions into day-to-day products and services. These challenges range from typical UX problems, such as explainability and user feedback, to greater social impacts and ethical implications, such as echo chamber effects and bias. In this talk, I will introduce the ways […]

Integrating Expertise Knowledge Into the Design Process: A Pragmatic Approach within Collaborative Projects by Mohammed Elsouri

Hybrid: BLDG 104-1005 (TD Room) + Zoom

Mohammed Elsouri, Lecturer | Rapid progress of digital design technologies recognised the need for immediate changes new product development dynamics and International collaboration activities. Global adaptation of digital technologies have peaked, yet infrastructurally, local and international enterprises whether small or large, have not responded sufficiently enough to fully address efficiency and productivity challenges. The talk […]

Aesthetic Awareness in Entanglement HCI by HeeKyoung Jung

Online (Zoom)

HeeKyoung Jung, Design Professor @University of Cincinnati   Abstract Informatics applications, including artificial intelligence, have infiltrated various human practices to automate repetitive tasks, make algorithmic recommendations, and support creativity with generative models. They not only facilitate but also instrumentalize human tasks, leaving little room for inclusion of diverse populations in data access and processing loops. […]

30 Years Design Story as a Car Designer at Hyundai Motors by Minam Kim

Hybrid: BLDG 104-1005 (TD Room) + Zoom

Minam Kim & Senior Automotive Designer | 1. Evolving a Design DNA by Brand. We look at how we respond to the evolution of the global automotive industry, how we drive the future in our own way, and how we differentiate global design strategies between Hyundai and Genesis with design solutions for mass and premium […]