Latest Past Events

Designing Human Experiences in the Era of Generative AI: An Anthropological Perspective

Bldg. 104-1005 (TD Room)

Abstract Recently, there has been much discussion about the potential for generative AI to replace creative human endeavors such as writing, painting, and music. While AI may be capable of producing elegant novels, drawings, and music, it cannot replicate the joy of expressing our unique perspective and exploring our inner selves. Human experiences involve complex […]

My Journey to Become a Product Designer : From Korea to New Zealand

Bldg. 104-1005 (TD Room)

Abstract Rather than focusing on dense design topics, this seminar aims to inspire and offer guidance for designers seeking to expand their practice in a global context. It will be a light and engaging session that shares my personal journey as a product designer, from my roots in Korea to my current work in New […]

30 Years Design Story as a Car Designer at Hyundai Motors by Minam Kim

Hybrid: BLDG 104-1005 (TD Room) + Zoom

Minam Kim & Senior Automotive Designer | 1. Evolving a Design DNA by Brand. We look at how we respond to the evolution of the global automotive industry, how we drive the future in our own way, and how we differentiate global design strategies between Hyundai and Genesis with design solutions for mass and premium […]