Latest Past Events

30 Years Design Story as a Car Designer at Hyundai Motors by Minam Kim

Hybrid: BLDG 104-1005 (TD Room) + Zoom

Minam Kim & Senior Automotive Designer | 1. Evolving a Design DNA by Brand. We look at how we respond to the evolution of the global automotive industry, how we drive the future in our own way, and how we differentiate global design strategies between Hyundai and Genesis with design solutions for mass and premium […]

Integrating Expertise Knowledge Into the Design Process: A Pragmatic Approach within Collaborative Projects by Mohammed Elsouri

Hybrid: BLDG 104-1005 (TD Room) + Zoom

Mohammed Elsouri, Lecturer | Rapid progress of digital design technologies recognised the need for immediate changes new product development dynamics and International collaboration activities. Global adaptation of digital technologies have peaked, yet infrastructurally, local and international enterprises whether small or large, have not responded sufficiently enough to fully address efficiency and productivity challenges. The talk […]

The Design Process of Manufacturing Base and Role of Product Planner by Imkyoung Han

Hybrid: BLDG 104-1005 (TD Room) + Zoom

Imkyuong Han & Product Planner | 국내 밥솥 시장의 점유율 80%를 차지하는 쿠쿠전자에서 밥솥 기획,개발,런칭 및 판매까지 이루어지는 모든 과정을 소개합니다. 제품을 구조적으로 완벽하게 이해하여 연구 개발하고, 기획의 한 바의 본질을 소비자에게 단순명료하게 제시하고자 합니다. (시장 조사 -컨셉 수립 -연구 개발 -제품 양산 -런칭 준비 -판매 동향 확인) 회사 내 부서간의 허브 역할을 하는 상품기획자가 […]