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The goal of Human Factors Engineering track is to educate students to understand human abilities, capabilities and the human centred design process. To achieve this goal, students learn to design experimental studies that investigate human performance, behaviour or cognition, to analyse human behavioural and physiological data, and to use these processes and data to improve the usability, safety and comfort of products, services or systems. The track provides courses covering fundamental knowledge in human factors engineering and human performance, as well as research methods. Our curriculum aims to prepare students to solve real world design problems by applying rigorous engineering methodologies.

2019 Required Course
Track Course No. Course Title Cred.-Lect.-Exp. Remarks Semester
HFE HFE202 Human Factors Fundamentals
3-3-0 1
HFE205 Physical Ergonomics
3-3-0 2
HFE206 Cognitive Ergonomics
3-3-0 Prerequisite: HFE202 2
HFE301 Experimental Design
3-3-0 Prerequisite: MTH211 1
HFE306 Usablility Engineering
3-3-0 2
HFE401 Capstone Project
캡스톤 프로젝트
3-2-2 1
HFE402 Advanced Multivariate Methods and Data Mining
고급 다변량 분석과 데이터마이닝
3-3-0 2
SDC SDC202 Computational Tools for Engineers
3-3-0 2
Total Credit 24
2020 Elective Course
Track Course No. Course Title Cred.-Lect.-Exp. Remarks Semester
HFE HFE303 Color Science & Engineering
색체과학과 공학
3-3-0 1
HFE304 High Touch Design
하이터치 디자인
3-2-2 1
HFE305 Physical Computing
피지컬 컴퓨팅
3-2-2 1
HFE308 Sensation and Perception
감각과 지각
3-2-2 2
HFE309 Work Measurement Methods
작업측정 및 방법
3-3-0 2
HFE310 Brain and Human Behavior Ⅰ - Common to humans
뇌와 인간행동Ⅰ - 공통특성
3-3-0 1
HFE311 Brain and Human Behavior Ⅱ - Difference between humans
뇌와 인간행동Ⅱ - 개인
3-3-0 2
HFE404 Brain-Computer Interface Design
뇌-컴퓨터 인터페이스 디자인
3-3-0 1
HFE405 Safety Engineering
3-3-0 2
HFE406 Affective Engineering
3-3-0 2
HFE407 Research Practicum in Human Factors
인간공학 연구실무
3-3-0 2
HFE410 Special Topics in HFE Ⅰ
인간공학 특론Ⅰ
3-3-0 -
HFE420 Special Topics in HFE Ⅱ
인간공학 특론Ⅱ
3-3-0 -
ID IID201 Design Elements and Principles
디자인 요소와 원리
3-2-2 1
IID202 Product Design Fundamentals
3-2-2 Prerequisite: IID201 2
IID206 Design Visualization
디자인 시각화
3-2-2 1
IID231 Design Knowledge and Skills
디자인 지식과 기술
3-3-0 2
3-2-2 2
IID304 Interactive Technology
인터액티브 기술
3-3-0 2
IID341 Fundamental Electrical-Electronic Practice
3-2-2 1
SDC SDC304 Manufacturing System Design & Simulation
생산시스템설계 및 시뮬레이션
3-3-0 2
CSE CSE463 Machine Learning
기계 학습
3-3-0 Prerequisite: EE211, CSE331 2
BIO BIO305 Principles of Neurosciences Ⅰ
신경과학의 원리Ⅰ
3-3-0 1
BIO306 Principles of Neurosciences Ⅱ
신경과학의 원리Ⅱ
3-3-0 2
MTH MTH342 Probability
3-3-0 2
MGE MGE303 Data Mining
3-3-0 1
MGT MGT363 Operations Research
3-3-0 2
MGT413 Game Theory
3-3-0 Prerequisite : MGT211 -
Total Credit 87