FlipMe Learning Companion Online Learning Companion

DTR Wondo Jeong, James A. Self, Hui Sung Lee, Ian Oakley, Yong-chul Chung, Byounghern Kim, and Sangjin Park

FlipMe Learning Companion

Online Learning Companion

Millions of people around the world now use online learning as a convenient and inexpensive alternative to classroom-based education. Despite these advantages, online courses suffer from high dropout rates. Prior research into online learning suggested limited opportunities for social interaction between students may contribute to these high dropout rates. In order to address this challenge, we present FlipMe, an Internet of Things, IoT, companion augmenting peer-to-peer interaction through a tangible interface in real-time.

FlipMe is an IoT, Internet of Things, companion that aims to augment peer-to-peer interaction in real-time for more active and interactive online learning. Through a user validation study, we observed that FlipMe’s tangible interfaces and embodied feedback, such as the flipping book metaphor, promoted interaction between paired peers during online learning activities over distance. Thus FlipMe’s unique approach promotes enriched communication for students compared to conventional online learning services providing textual information, for instance, through a discussion board.

FlipMe physicalizes peer’s learning activities. A flipping top provides real-time feedback through a reading a book-like motion, triggered by a paired peer’s viewing of video content. Group study activities are expressed through rolling ball feedback. A rotatable handle provides a nudging function for peer-to-peer interaction. Thus FlipMe conveys information between peers through a more memorable and intuitive design approach compared with traditional screen-based interfaces associated with online learning, with their limitations of conventional interactions through keyboard or mouse.