muRedder, DIS 2019

ACM DIS 2019 Paper, June 23-28 11, 2019, San Diego, CA, USA
Honorable Mention Award, Top 2%

Kim, K., Jang, S., Kim, B., Kwon, H., Park, Y-W. muRedder: Shredding Speaker for Ephemeral Musical Experience, In Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2019, ACM Press,


The experience of sound may be seen as fleeting or ephemeral, as it naturally disperses through space in waveforms unless recorded by media. We designed muRedder to reinstate the ephemerality of sound by shredding a song ticket that embeds a sound source while playing the song simultaneously. In this study, we explored ordinary music listening activities by turning intangible music content into tangible artifacts, making the music unable to be replayed, and representing the sound-fading process by shredding the ticket. We conducted a field study with 10 participants over seven days. The results showed that muRedder enabled users to focus solely on the music content and to actively find times to enjoy the music. We also found that the limitedness of the media draws prudent decisions in selecting music. By showing the process of consuming the invisible auditory content in a way that is tangibly perceivable, our findings imply new value for slow consumption of digital content and musical participation in public spaces.