ADIO, CHI 2021

Lee, K. R., Kim, B., Kim, J., Hong, H., & Park, Y. W. (2021, May). ADIO: An Interactive Artifact Physically Representing the Intangible Digital Audiobook Listening Experience in Everyday Living Spaces. In Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (pp. 1-12). DOI:


Although audiobooks are increasingly being used, people tend to perceive audiobook experiences as ‘not real reading’ due to its intangibility and ephemerality. In this paper, we developed ADIO, a device augmenting audiobook experience through representing personal listening state in the form of an interactive physical bookshelf. ADIO displays a user’s listening progress through a pendant’s changing length and the user’s digital audiobook archive titles. The result of our four-week in-field study with six participants revealed that ADIO provided proof of the user’s listening-to, which brought a sense of reading and gave a trigger for recalling the listened-to audiobook content. Additionally, audiobooks’ improved visibility reminded participants to listen to them, and ADIO’s physical interaction allowed participants to form personal patterns for listening to audiobooks. Our findings proposed new methods for augmenting the audiobook listening experience at three stages and further implications for designing physical curation on users’ digital archives.

Detailed structure of ADIO: a) The three main parts of ADIO. b) The gearbox connecting the pendant and disc. c) The
lever’s structure with the supporter recognizing the state of the lever. d) Three ADIOs with different colors

a) Pulling the lever. b-1) Checking the title and cover of the most recently heard audiobook
b-2) The pendant descends to match the listening progress of the audiobook
c) Stopped pendant showing listening progress. (about 45% of the audiobook’s length)

Before pulling down the lever, ADIO shows all of the user’s digital audiobooks in a 30-second rotation

The developed software structure of ADIO