Prof. Hwang Kim & Young-Woo Park’s team won the Red Dot Design Award 2021 prize

The existing audio docent has unharmonized color with the exhibition and its entangled earphones are displayed on the information desk. MoMo has an intuitive and aesthetic design while easy to use so that it helps visitors to focus on the exhibition immensely.

Young-Woo Park, Advisor of Team MoMo

It’s difficult for the visitor to express or collect the subjective appreciations, and there is a limitation of exhibition experience by the unidirectional delivery of the curator’s information. moee provides a sustainable exhibition by maximizing the communication during the exhibition and allowing users to memorize their appreciation after the exhibition.

Hwang Kim, Advisor of Team moee

The Department of Design at UNIST has once again been recognized for design excellence, worldwide. They announced that two of their service design concepts for smart exhibition experience have been honored with the Red Dot Design Awards 2021.

The two award-winning designs are ‘MoMo: Audio Docent for Enhanced Exhibition Experience’ and ‘moee: My Own Exhibition Experience‘. Both design projects have been carried out by Professor Hwang Kim and Professor Young-Woo Park and their design teams at UNIST Design.

MoMo: Audio Docent for Enhanced Exhibition Experience

Professor Young-Woo Park, Sungwon Jang, and Jiyoung Lee

MoMo is a portable handheld audio docent, designed to enhance the visitor experience and immersion in the exhibition environment. Unlike the existing audio docent products, which made them difficult for visitors to concentrate on the exhibition, MoMo provides an expanded exhibition experience based on modern form and simple usability, breaking away from the traditional, complex audio docent experience.

moee: My Own Exhibition Experience

Professor Hwang Kim, SeongBeom Kim, and HyeJin Oh

moee is a smartphone application service for users to record their own appreciation of artworks and allow them to enjoy other visitors’ perspectives. It provides a collection of discussions, views on works of art on display, shared tastes for a richer exhibition experience through collaboration with the museum.