I+ID KwanMyung Kim, Malika Gabbas, Yedam Ryu, Jaehan Park
Red Dot Design Award 2021
The Red Dot Design Award is one of the three most influential design awards for which designers and manufacturers around the world compete in three different categories: product design; brands and communication design; and design concept.

GOOPI (from Korean ‘goop-da’ + ‘pi-da’ – flexion and extension) is a data-based joint elbow rehabilitation device. It is designed to help upper limb rehabilitation patients, such as people with hemiplegia, exercise training. It provides accurate data-based training programs for patients and medical staff. Its small size and portability enable the usage at home.

Current Problems

Large hospitals have limited opportunities to accommodate numerous rehabilitation patients due to the lack of medical staff. As a result, patients struggle to receive the high-quality medical services they need.

Concept Description

GOOPI’s structure enables users to rehabilitate both hands with one device in three directions: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. Medical staff can also program a specific training motion, such as an eating simulation.

Main Components

GOOPI’s linear structure, which consists of a circle and a square, brings a simple, yet professional feel. The arm support is designed to give the user an intuitive idea of how to position the arm, while the circular part provides a rotating context.

User Scenario

In the treatment process with GOOPI, patients pass through five stages: (1) Status inspection, (2) Prescription, (3) Cutomized Exercise, (4) Data-based Assessment, (5) Recovery.