Design Seminar – Wed Feb 28, 2024

  • Title: Rethinking AI Magic: Critical Roles of Designers in Shaping Desirable Future of AI
  • Date and time: Wed. Feb 28, 13:00(KST)
  • Place: Bldg. 104-1005 (TD Room)
  • Language: In English


Artificial intelligence (AI) presents unprecedented possibilities that could enhance various aspects of our lives. Its potential is often so highly regarded that AI is sometimes viewed as a magical solution to complex problems. However, what AI enables does not always align with what people desire for AI futures.

Instead of blindly following technological visions, designers should ask critical questions from a human perspective: Does AI bring real value to end-users? Does it create futures that people truly want to have? Are there any alternative relationships we could have with AI?

In this talk, I will share my experiences investigating these questions in AI-driven innovation projects. By reflecting on the designerly approaches taken in these projects, I will shed light on the unique roles that designers can play to make AI systems more meaningful, empowering, and socially and culturally appropriate in human contexts.