Design Seminars – 2024 – Spring 2/2

Jangbae Lee | Senior Designer at SOK

  • Title. Enhancing online grocery customer experience with robot delivery: a Finnish case study
    • AI-aided Starship robot technologies can deliver orders to customers autonomously. This robot delivery creates opportunities in terms of efficiency and profitable business growth. However, it also raises concerns about losing the sense of humane feelings. In this talk, I will share my project experience in how innovative technologies serve customer needs more effectively and create emotional experiences
  • Date & Time. Thu. Apr 25, 13:00 KST
  • Place. Bldg. 104-1005 (TD room)
  • Language. English

Ryan JongWoo Choi | Professor at Hanyang Univ

  • Title. Designing Tomorrow: AI’s Impact on the Future Role of Designers
    • Explore the profound impact of artificial intelligence on the future role of designers, navigating the evolving landscape of creativity, collaboration, and innovation
  • Date & Time. Thu. May 2, 13:00 KST
  • Place. Bldg. 104-1005 (TD room)
  • Language. English

Ahmee Kim | Postdoctoral Resercher at Seoul National Univ

  • Title. The legitimacy of design practices in the public sector
    • The talk will discuss and open a dialogue on the following topics: (1) What is design for policy? (2) Who are designers and who are policymakers? (3) Why does the legitimacy matters for design practices in the public sector? (4) Circular design as one narrative for the legitimacy of design in the public sector
  • Date & Time. Thu. May 23, 13:00 KST
  • Place. Online
  • Language. English

Mark YiCheon Yim | Professor at Manning School of Business

  • Title. Seeking useful technologies in the ere of numerous useless technologies
    • Emerging innovative technologies tend to draw much public attention often. The speaker criticizes ‘neophilia’ prevalently found among today’s consumers and proposes a pessimistic view of how unnecessary or useless new technologies can be through his research done over the past decade
  • Date & Time. Thu. May 30, 13:00 KST
  • Place. Bldg. 104-1005 (TD room)
  • Language. English