UNIST Design Showcase 22

Welcome to UNIST Design Showcase 2022!

UNIST Department of Design trains designers to enact positive societal change and industry advancement through design and engineering excellence. We create innovative products, services, and systems for real-world impact through the integration of human-centered design, science, and technology.

Graduation projects: Direction

UNIST Design provides the world with designers that can bring about positive change for people, society, and culture at large. We strive to achieve real-world impact by designing novel products, services, and systems. Blurring existing boundaries, and expanding the role of design. We believe that UNIST Design graduates will work as future design experts and researchers at the forefront of innovation. You can catch a glimpse of how our future design professionals define real problems and propose exciting solutions according to their interests through the capstone project class: Creative Design 1&2.

Research works

We continuously extend our expertise to train transdisciplinary design experts. Through a variety of expertise our faculty members achieve diversity among design schools as well as provide an incubator for radical design research nationally, and internationally. Embracing such diversity, we cross disciplines, expand our knowledge, and develop our capability to design the future. UNIST Design’s research and innovation is centered around the laboratory, just like any other department at UNIST. We are proud of our students, the culture we cultivate across faculty members, and the outcomes we have created so far. You can find the most recent projects, and research outcomes in Research works.

Course works

Our program aims to nurture creative problem solvers who can conduct research and design across diverse fields. Students will learn the entire design process – problem definition, market analysis, user research, ideation, form, function, and prototyping. The future professionals and creative thinkers training here at UNIST Design will take the lead in future, technology-driven design and engineering excellence. To achieve this, UNIST Design deconstructs the traditional design classroom environment and its methods. Adopting various pedagogic approaches, such as Project-Based Learning, students creatively address real-world design problems. Students explore a specific aspect of design through the One-day Lecture, which introduces one design topic in just one full day. Flipped Learning is another aspect of our curriculum. Students learn fundamental tools and techniques through self-directed learning. Then bring interesting questions and insights to the classroom in a discussion format with peers and instructors. Individual tutoring sessions with professors help to reinforce learning objectives. Graduates go directly to the industry to work for national and international companies in Korea and overseas. Others pursue graduate studies at UNIST or other prestigious universities, nationally and internationally. 

If you are interested in UNIST Design and want to know more, please visit https://design.unist.ac.kr