HIBI – Enriching exhibition experience and more

OND Hayoung Lee, Sandeul Lee & Hwang Kim
iF Design Award 2020
iF Design Award is one of one of the three most influential design awards which span multiple disciplines and receive submissions from more than 50 nations every year.

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Hibi is a digital service app that helps people have a richer exhibition experience through the collaboration with exhibition venues. Hibi offers personalized cards with “subjects to think about” and “questions” that are tailored to the tastes and standards of various users. Users can enjoy a more in-depth viewing experience by responding to the questions after seeing exhibitions.

Hibi also helps people to have diverse perspectives through the interaction between artworks and users. It extends the viewing experience by using interesting design elements within the app. The user logs from these activities help them retain their valuable exhibition experience through a card-type timeline.

How can we make the exhibition more enjoyable?

Exhibition and museums have historically reflected the current of times. However, the development of social media has also impacted the social position of art exhibitions. Hibi explore how art exhibitions in modern society can have greater cultural value than functioning as the stages for photos on social media. At Hibi, visitors can start a discussion, share various views on artworks, and share their taste to tell the stories of art.

HIBI – Museum Digital Service App/ Copyright © Hayoung Lee, Sandeul Lee & Hwang Kim

HIBI – Museum Digital Service App – Explore with visitors/ Copyright © Hayoung Lee, Sandeul Lee & Hwang Kim

Explore art with other users

Users can explore curated exhibitions with plentiful content made by other users. Hibi provides an ample amount of content including reviews and articles from other users and experts, along with exhibition information.

The app suggests users to visit the exhibition shown in the main image in the upper screen. The lower carousels introduce interesting content about exhibitions.

HIBI – Museum Digital Service App – Think it/ Copyright © Hayoung Lee, Sandeul Lee & Hwang Kim

Think it

Users can dive into the exhibition with handpicked questions from experts. Before visiting exhibitions, users can read the well-organized ‘Think-it’ card in ‘My page’ and enjoy exhibitions with the questions in mind. There are also flash cards with questions as well as the difficulty level and exhibition themes. Users also can check out the detailed background of the questions.

HIBI – Museum Digital Service App – Pin it/ Copyright © Hayoung Lee, Sandeul Lee & Hwang Kim

Pin it

Users can interact with pins on the artwork and share their ideas with others. They can pin specific artworks and leave comments. By reading pinned comments of others, users can understand diverse perspectives. The pins can be organized with the ‘sort’ function,’ which allows the users to separate their own pins or adjust the number of pins displayed on the images.

HIBI – Museum Digital Service App – Review & Storage box/ Copyright © Hayoung Lee, Sandeul Lee & Hwang Kim

Review & Storage box

Cherish your moment with a well-organized exhibition cards. The memories of exhibitions are neatly listed as ticket-like cards in a chronological order. Users can cherish and recall their memories at a glance. They can review their your thoughts about exhibitions or artworks using ‘Think-it’ and ‘Pin-it’ functions. These experiences create rich and lovely content with help of writing tools.

HIBI – Museum Digital Service App/ Copyright © Hayoung Lee, Sandeul Lee & Hwang Kim